Choose an Original Name for Your Dog

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Maybe you’re like us. Maybe you’re tired of scouring the web for “popular dog names” and finding overused and unoriginal names like Buddy, Ginger, or Max. Here at SpockTheDog, we understand your frustration. That’s why we have created this handy tutorial to help you create a unique and even cute dog name that will have everyone oooh’ingand awww’ing everytime you tell them the name of your new puppy. Because that’s important, right?

Names Based on Personality

An ideal name for your new puppy is one based on one of his characteristics. Is your dog a compulsive chewer? Try Chewy. Is your dog slow and sluggish (a bulldog variant)? Try Stone or Slug. Fast and perky? Try Cajun! Take a few weeks and find out what your dog acts like or resembles, and create a name around that.

Dog Names Based on Cartoons or TV Personalities

Spock-DogGiving your dog a name based on a famous personality or cartoon character will guarantee to be a hit. One particularily unique and well-trained dog at SuperDogs 2005 was named Harry Potter. Try taking a name, and changing a small part. Names like Homer, Gumby, Scooby, Stimpy, Yogi, and Popeye are a few to get your creative juices running.

As for me, I’ve chosen the name Spock for my new German Shepherd puppy. I’m a fan of Star Trek, and this breed has pointy ears, so everything fit perfectly.

Names Based on Food

Everyone loves a good dish of food. That’s why names like Chili, Beefy, Mayo, and Crunchy work well. Think about a few of your favorite foods, which I suppose should not be too difficult, and ideas will start flooding in. Keep in mind, that a name such as Lasagna or Fettucini might not be the best name due to their length!

Things to Remember

Length: You don’t want your dog’s name to be too long. Expect better response and attention with shorter, easy to pronounce and understand names. With a long name with many syllables such as Anastasia (A-nas-ta-sia), your dog is most likely to only pick up the first two as its call name anyways.

Age: Will Scrumpy be a good name once your little German Shepard has grown into a full-grown adult? Think about the long-run, and pick a name that will be effective as a puppy, adult, and senior.

Others: If it will be a family dog, make sure everyone is happy with the name before it goes official. This will ensure you will have a good name that will Stick! – both to the dog, to others, and to you, the master.

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  1. This article is all about shortlisting the most adorable and cute puppy names ever for your new dog. Cute names can be inspired by everything around you!


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