Selecting a Dog Collar

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Dog collars are a very important part of your dog’s life. He is to wear one all the time for the sake of identity purposes, but collars can be used for training as well. There are some collars that are not supposed to be worn for every day, and some collars are more suited to larger or smaller breeds of dog.

Large dogs such as Alsatians and German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Staffordshire terriers need strong chain collars basically because these dogs are strong and boisterous. They are not however, supposed to be worn all day as it can chafe around the dog’s neck and make it quite sore for them. Large, strong dogs like these need thick rope leashes and a good solid thick chain to keep them in check, but try and not let your dog pull on it too much as he will end up chocking himself.

Dog-CollarMedium sized dogs can get away with the simple click in collars made out of cloth, or a thinner chain collar. Again don’t let them wear chain collars all day, take them off when you get inside. Cloth collars however can be worn all day every day, these provide great comfort around the neck.

Smaller dogs need only small collars, their size and limited strength makes them the easiest dog to buy for, but make sure that whatever collar you buy for whatever size of dog has an ID tag on it, that way if your dog does manage to escape you can find him again with minimal effort!

There are some ways to use a collar to help train your dog with. Chain collars for example are great for teaching your dog how to stay in heel! A slight pull on the leash attached to the chain collar will pull your dog back, and as long as you say the command they will soon come to associate walking beside you as “heel”. Dog halter are also very common for this purpose, as it supports the dog and helps you pull with more strength, a lot safer than most other techniques.

Collars are available in all shapes, sizes and colours. They are easily found in your local store or market. Just make sure that your dog has enough room to move its neck around and can breathe adequately.

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