Beaglier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Beagle Mix

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BeaglierThe crossbreed between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Beagle is called the Beaglier. This is one of the numerous designer dog breeds and they can sometimes be found misspelled by the various publications or websites – as Beagalier. Australia is where these dogs are the most popular. The most usual colors of a Beaglier are white and red, white and lemon, white and orange or black with tan. They can be either bi or tricolored. They are not recognized by the AKC, but fall within the same group as hounds.

The Beagliers are small to medium sized dogs, inheriting this mostly from the Spaniel’s side. It is the sense of scent that they inherit from the Beagle, hence them being considered scent hounds. It is also from the Beagle that they inherit the big, expressive eyes, while the short muzzle comes from the Spaniel genes.

These dogs are considered to be good hunters, mainly because of their good sense of scent and are also appreciated for being charismatic, adorable and extremely cute. They manifest affectionately towards their families and are also behaving with love with children. The Beagliers have their coats short to medium in length, very dense and hard. It has a silky touch sometimes and it can also be wavy.

Beagliers are playful dogs, gentle and extremely curious in nature. Affection, love and calm are defining traits for their temperaments, which help them integrate very easily in human families and getting along very well with children, too, especially with the older ones. Energetic dogs, they love receiving attention almost all the time and suffer when they are left alone for longer periods of time.

Beaglier-1They can do well with other pets as well, as long as they are also canines. The rest may have a hard time with Beagliers, due to their hunting abilities. They are very good as watchdogs and one can count on these dogs to bark whenever they sense something is out of the ordinary. Beagliers are good natured dogs and fit best in families with older children, which are capable of understanding the right way to treat them.

Due to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel genes, the Beagliers are very relaxed dogs and easy going personalities. They find their place easily inside a family and love to be included in almost all family activities, be it indoor games or outside activities.

Walks and runs in a park can certainly make a Beaglier’s day. Another advantage is their ability to adapt easily when changing environments, like in the situation of a family holiday. As long as they are in the company of the family, they don’t stress themselves too much about the surroundings, but even more, they will enjoy experiencing new places.

Daily exercises are recommended to this dog, but so as for most of the other dog breeds. This helps them burn energy and will prevent mischief. Activities also keep them fit, from both a physical and a mental perspective. However, don’t get the impression that Beagliers do not like to laze around, they enjoy this as much as they enjoy walking or running in the backyard or in a park. They will enjoy just being in the company of the family members, even in front of the TV set, if that is what everyone in the house does at a specific moment.

Beaglier-2When it comes to the Beaglier care, the first important thing is to brush them regularly, in order to remove any dead hairs. Excessive bathing is to be avoided so that the skin doesn’t get dried out. A Beaglier is prone to some ear infections, especially if they are not kept clean and dry, but also to epilepsy, heart disease and patella luxation.

Like for most dogs, the Beaglier training needs to start at a very early age. Along with socialization, this will prevent them from becoming too stubborn later on, when training would be a real pain. Training needs to be carried out patiently, consistently and firmly.

People who choose to get a Beaglier are usually advised by other people who are already Beaglier owners. This breed is often the right choice for the ones looking for dogs with a lower appetite for activity. There is no official group promoting Beagliers, but their popularity has been increasing constantly due to individual good feedback provided by and to individuals.

Veterinarians are also recommending these dogs due to their kind, gentle nature and their getting along well with children. They manage to remain calm and put up with a lot of the antics of small children. They prove to be tolerant with them even when they try to dress them up or moved around the house. When it all becomes too much for them, they will also try to sneak off and hide.

Beaglier-3It is also true that despite their high tolerance and affection they manifest towards children, they are still living beings and have their limits which are best to prevent from being crossed. This is why it is recommended for adults to supervise the interaction between their children and the Beagliers, especially in the stages where the dog is young and has a fragile body.

Both the positive and negative experiences the puppies have with children will influence them very much in their later development, both in the physical and in the mental ones. So educating both children and dogs to handle each other with care is very important.

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