Jack Chi, Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua Mix

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Jack-Chi-Outside-PlayJack Chi, also known as Jack-Chi or Jackahuahua, is a cross breed between Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua. These two very active originating breeds generated an even more energetic dog “trapped” in a small body. As Jack Russell Terrier is not a very easy to find breed and Chihuahua is a very popular and easily available, mixing the two can lead to a more accessible breed, the Jack Chi.

This is not the only advantage in this mix. The Jack Russell Terrier has a more solid structure than Chihuahua and that help the Jack Chi to have a less fragile body and be less sensitive when being handled. Jack Chi is smaller than the Jack Russell’s height. Its muzzle remains thin, the nose is back or pink, the eyes are large more Chihuahua-like and its triangular head’s forehead is closed like Jack Russell’s.

Its coat is usually short but it can be also a bit longer if the Chihuahua parent had a longer coat. Grooming them it’s easy and they only need brushing weekly to keep their coat in a good looking shape. The colors they can come in are in combination of white, brown and black. The ears remain alert Chihuahua-like but they can curl over sometimes, just like Jack Russell’s. Jack Chis are extremely active dogs with incredible high stamina. They are usually quiet but they do like to bark sometimes, especially when they are playing. In some situations they may get a bit protective and that is due to the Chihuahua’s contribution to the new breed.

They need attention and companionship. They are dependable on human presence and they enjoy playing with other dogs or cats (especially if they grew up together). Jack Chis are very affectionate and require time spent together. If not taken care properly they can display bad behavior like space aggressiveness and can suffer from separation anxiety. To avoid this, train them early, have lots of patience with them and prepare lots of positive reinforcements. They are extremely intelligent and eager to please so they will respond beautifully.

They can be good apartment dogs but they surely enjoy space where they can walk and play. They prefer warmer climates since they do not cope well with cold. In general, Jack Chi is a healthy dog, has a pretty good dental shape requiring gentle regular brushing. It may have some allergies, a certain sensibility to flea bites and, sometimes, watery eyes. They have a long life span so you can count on them to keep you company for 12 to 15 years. Jack Chi can get hyper active and, still, it has a fragile structure and, because of that, may not fit very well in families with small children. The best suit for them would be an active family with older and considerate children.

The Jack Chi is a fun and loving dog and, in general:

– Can live in apartment, just make sure to exercise them well

– Have really good health

– Grooming is easy

– Responds very well on positive rewarding training

– They do better in active families with older children.

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