Ori Peis, Pug and Shar Pei Mix

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Ori Peis1Ori Peis are a hybrid dog breed and is the result of the mix between the Pug and the Shar Pei parent breeds. Their appearance is similar to that of a Pug, but their wrinkles remind of the Shar Pei parent. Their big round head has dark, Pug-looking eyes, the muzzle is short and square, while the ears are oriented towards the head, with a sort of rose shape. The coat of these hybrid dogs is usually short and fine, while their colors include black, gray, white or brown.

The Ori Peis proved to be intelligent and strong, but also very loving with their people. They may inherit at times the stubbornness of Pugs, but without manifesting signs of aggression. Charming and funny, these dogs may get along very well with other pets and children. Their intelligence ensures that they are easily trainable, especially that they enjoy obeying commands or pleasing their owners. They are quick learners, but they need a gentle hand during training for best results. Only moderate levels of physical exercises are required for them. They may tend to snore sometimes, but on the overall they are sociable dogs, enjoying meeting new people and places, as well as playing both outdoors and indoors, which makes them adaptable to living in apartments. Provided they receive proper training, they will behave very well in their relationships with other pets and children.

Appearance of Ori Peis

The Ori Peis resemble pretty much to the Pug parent, but also inherits characteristics from the Shar Pei, such as their wrinkles. These need to be cleaned properly, so that spots and stains do not form on them. Their coats are double layered, similar to the Shar Pei and it is usually very soft and shorter. Because of this, they require only a minimal level of brushing.

Health of Ori Peis

These hybrid dogs, similar to most other hybrids, are a bit healthier than the parents, managing to get rid of some health risks during the mixing process. Even so, they are still prone to some issues, such as Dermadectic mange, eye cherry, respiratory infections or Entropion.

Training Ori Peis

It is well known that dogs in general require training, in order to be good dogs, with a consistent temperament and well balanced behavior. Starting the training when the puppies are young may turn out to play an extremely important role in the later development of the dog, preventing unwanted behavior. There are a few requirements from the trainer’s side during training such as confidence, a firm, but gentle hand. The trainers also must be perceived as the dominant presence, in order for the dogs to respond well and recognize them as pack leaders, otherwise the dogs may want to take over the control of their people.

Ori PeisThe Ori Pei dogs are clever and have a strong build. It is likely that they require physical exercises on a daily basis, such as walks and runs, as this type of activities helps them develop both the physical and mental abilities. It is recommended to teach the Ori Peis that they need to obey the humans, to walk or run in a leash but behind their masters. These hybrids can adjust quite well to living in apartments, as they mainly enjoy spending their time around people, involved in all sorts of activities alongside their masters. Provided they get the chance to be taken outdoors, they have no problem with living in smaller apartments, but they would also like to live in houses with some open space such as backyards.

Everyone likes to give their dog a beautiful, expressive name. It is nice if these are in line with the uniqueness of the dogs and they will respond well when called. If in lack of inspiration, there are sites which can help people find suitable names for their Ori Peis.
The usual life span of an Ori Pei hybrid dog is of up to fifteen years, but it may vary depending on various aspects and specifics from the dog’s everyday life and environment. The level of care people provide to their dogs plays an important role in how much or well the dogs live.

Dimensions of Ori Peis

These dogs usually grow up to 35 centimeters tall and most often do not go past 12 kilos weight. However, these can very well be different from one dog to another, depending on the health level and the age.

Ori Pei Personality

Ori Peis2Ori Peis are hybrid dogs and, like other hybrids, they can also inherit some of the traits from the parents with regards to personality and temperament. For example, it is very likely that they inherit the stubbornness from the Pug side, though they don’t really manifest any aggression. Charming dogs, Ori Peis are good in the company of other pets and children. Being clever, they are relatively easy to train, also because they are very oriented towards pleasing their masters and are always keen on learning new tricks and commands. The training needs to be carried out by a firm, but gentle hand.

Ori Peis require moderate levels of exercises and like to come in contact with new people, pets and places. Overall, the temperaments of Ori Peis are very good and it also comes along with loyalty and active, playful natures. They tend to have the habit of snoring.

There are good chances that the Ori Peis inherit some of the boldness and fearlessness from the Shar-Pei parent’s side. They may be harder to convince to do some things or they would even refuse to do them, reminding of the Pug’s stubbornness. They have pretty good watchdog abilities and even guarding abilities, so they will not step back from barking at strangers. They will alert the owners by barking when people ring or knock at the door and will try to see who has trespassed their territory. The key elements to be used when trying to help the dog build a well balanced, positive temperament are the early training and proper socialization. Even though some traits are inherited, most of them can be molded through an efficient training process led by a firm, gentle, consistent and patient hand and in this way potential unwanted genetic traits can controlled. But for this process to be successful, the trainers need to impose themselves and be recognized by the dogs as pack leaders.

Ori Pei Grooming

Most often the Ori Peis inherit the characteristics of the Shar Pei parents when it comes to their coats. Therefore their coats are usually soft and have two layers. Because of their wrinkles, which are located at the undercoat level, they require regular washing to be kept clean and avoid the risks of stains and spots to occur on the wrinkles. Otherwise, these dogs require normal grooming and they are pretty easy to maintain. Brushing is only required periodically, but at lower levels than other dog breeds require.

Ori Pei Health

Ori Peis3Being a hybrid dog, the Ori Pei usually has less health problems than the parent breed, which is one of the biggest advantages of cross breeds, although it does not always happen. However, they are prone to some conditions such as Giardia, eye cherry, respiratory infections or Entropion.

Ori Pei Training Process

Training is one of the most important things for dogs in general. It ensures both the fact that the dogs will enhance the physical and mental abilities, as well as a good communication and behavior with regards to their owners. If the process is not carried out properly, if elements are missed or if the dog senses that the trainer is not confident and hesitant, it will not bring up the best results and, even more, will increase the possibilities of unwanted behavior to occur. Special attention, consistence, confidence, patience, firmness and gentleness are essential for a good and efficient training process. What the trainers must also achieve is to be recognized as dominants so that the dogs will obey and learn properly.

Ori Pei Exercising

Ori Peis have strong builds and they require certain levels of exercises, but they are moderate. However, it’s good if they can receive this opportunity on a daily basis, such as the chance for walking and running sessions. This will also help them maintain a good health and will provide extra physical and mental stimulation. Provided they are taken out regularly, they can adapt great to living in apartments.

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