Pitweiler, American Pit Bull Terrier and Rottweiler Mix

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Pitweiler-DogThe Pitweiler is a mixed breed dog, which combines two purebred dogs, a Pit Bull Terrier, and a Rottweiler. The end result is the Pitweiler, a dog that will take on characteristics from both parents, somewhat unpredictably, so the resulting dog can look like either of them or have a combination of traits from both sides. The same goes for the temperament and health issues of this type of dog.

Keep reading to learn more about this breed, but keep in mind at all times that if you’re looking for certain traits from both breeds to combine perfectly and get you the best dog ever, that’s probably not going to happen. It might have the characteristics you want, but then again, it might not. Other names used for this hybrid designer dog: Pittweiler, Bullrott, Prott, Rottie Pit, Rottbull, Rott-n-Pitt or RottenPit.

Quick – Pros & Cons of a Pitweiler

Pitweilers are some of the sweetest and adorable dogs in the world, despite their scary appearance. They often have the same toned body as the Pit Bull parent, which makes them look quite aggressive. However, they couldn’t be more loving and affectionate.

They weigh between 45 and 100 pounds and you should expect them to grow anywhere between 18 to 26 inches in height. You should also prepare for long-term commitment as these dogs live somewhere between 10 and 15 years.

Pitweilers thrive in big homes with big families, but they are more than OK in apartments as well. All you have to do is ensure they’re getting all the exercise and affection they need.


Highly intelligent



Excellent guard dogs

Not very vocal

Form a strong bond with the family


Pitweilers are quite big and require some serious exercise each day.

They require good training, which makes them more ideal for experienced dog owners.


Temperament-wise, Pitweilers are surprisingly calm dogs. Their parents have been bred for fighting and guarding for years, but Pitweilers are very sweet and family-oriented creatures. You can expect them to form very strong bonds with their pack or family. This means they can go through a very hard time if they are abandoned.

They’re highly intelligent creatures and are generally built to be trained. Their potential is unlimited as they can make excellent guard dogs and traveling companions as well. All you have to do is offer the necessary training and affection.

Is it good with children?

A Pitweiler will adore your child from day 1. No matter if your kid is small or older, this kind of dog will love to play and get as much attention as possible. Despite being used in underground dog fights, Pit Bulls have gained a reputation as “Dog Nannies”. This is because of how gentle and sweet they are with children.

Pitweilers are the same but they naturally need to be supervised. This is because they are very strong and they can accidentally hurt a child. It’s also important to teach your kids how to treat the dog and to never mess with its food. No matter how good a dog is, you should never mess with its food as it can become quite aggressive.

Behavior towards strangers

While they can form bonds with people outside their family, they’re usually either uninterested or aggressive towards strangers. If they’re at a park or anywhere else in public, they will be completely unbothered by strangers. But if someone tries to hurt you or attempt to break in, they will use all the force they have to keep you safe.

You can turn them into social butterflies quite easily if you own them since they’re very young. All you have to do is offer social training each day and introduce the dog to as many kind strangers as possible. Keep the dog away from drunk and angry people as the dog might learn that strangers are dangerous instead of becoming more social.

How it does with other pets/dogs

As long as they’re all raised together, Pitweilers do great with other pets in the home that they can play with. But if you bring a new pet home, they might keep a very close eye on the new family member as your home is already your dog’s territory as well. Introduce them slowly and always stand between them in case one of them looks for conflict.

Be careful with small dogs as they tend to be intimidated by larger dogs and become aggressive towards them. This can cause the Pitweilers to retaliate and it doesn’t take much for them to hurt a small dog.

Aggressiveness of a American Pit Bull Terrier and Rottweiler Mix

American Pit Bull Terriers have been bred for a long time specifically for fighting rings. Breeders would look into the most savage and aggressive parts of a dog and try to enhance them by breeding them. This is why there’s a bigger change for Pit Bulls to be more fearful, aggressive, and dangerous than other dog breeds. The same goes for the Rottweilers.

But after years and years of selective breeding, expert breeders managed to get rid of most of the violence in these breeds. Unfortunately, they’re still considered a risk because of their big and muscular size, despite them being nothing but gentle giants now.

Does it bark a lot?

Pitweilers are actually not that vocal. They can bark when they’re extremely excited or when an intruder tries to break into your home. Otherwise, they prefer playing with toys and getting as many hugs as possible. They also don’t often respond to the dogs that they hear barking outside your apartment. But you might still have to train them to make sure they know that barking inside the apartment is not acceptable.

If you’re looking for a dog that lets you know when someone is coming, this mix is perfect as they will be vocal when someone is on your property. But if you’re looking for a dog that continuously lets itself known by barking all the time, then you might want to look for another dog.

Appearance and Grooming

Pitweilers are big dogs that have a very sturdy and square build. This is mainly because of the Pit Bull parent, while the Rottweiler in them makes them slightly taller than most Pit Bulls. But despite this scary look, their faces are typically very innocent-looking, which is another thing they get from the Pit Bull parent.

But when it comes to grooming, it all depends on what type of coat it has. The dog can take either parents’ coat and this will determine whether you will have to spend some time each day grooming it or not. But keep in mind that this is not a hypoallergenic dog.

How big does it get?

Although there is a possibility to end up with a Pitweiler that weighs around 45lbs, the chances are slim. Typically, these dogs are pretty big and they’re known to weigh anywhere between 65 and 100lbs. You might also get one that only grows up to 20 inches in height, but they’re typically 22 to 26 inches tall.

This makes them quite intimidating to most people so make sure the dog has no chance of escaping your home. Even if your Pitweiler is the friendliest dog in the world, it should never be left on its own to roam around.

What does a Pitweiler look like?

Pitweilers have a deep chest and well-defined muscles. Their heads can be either broad or deep but they always have strong jaws and a straight, broad muzzle. It’s a bit shorter than average but it won’t have the typical loose skin you see on various molosser-type breeds.

And another thing they rarely take from the Rottweiler parent is the wrinkling around the face.

Appearance and color

The eyes of the Pitweiler can be either black or dark brown and they’re either round or almond-shaped. And the uncropped ears tend to be triangular and have the tendency to fold down to the sides. But some Pitweilers might have their ears higher up on their heads and they fold forward or to the sides.

These dogs can come in a pretty wide range of colors. This includes black, brindle, brown, sable, blue, fawn, red, and even white.

Type of coat

Their coat is typically short and glossy. However, it can be single-layered like the Pit Bull parent, or double-layered like the Rottweiler parent. It’s very easy to maintain either way. While some dogs tend to have a mix of both parents’ coats, Pitweilers typically have one or the other.

The best thing about their coat is that it rarely gets dirty but you should steel pay attention to them each day.

How easy it is to groom?

Grooming a Pitweiler is extremely easy. If the dog gets the coat from the Pit Bull parent, a few baths a year and rare brushing is all it needs. And if it takes the double-layered coat of the Rottweiler parent, you’ll have to brush the dog once a week.

When it comes to their nails, make sure they’re never heard clapping against the ground. Keep them short and make sure they’re don’t get any injuries during playtime. Dental care is always important for any dog so make sure you get the dog used to teeth brushing from a young age.

Care Guide – Diet, Exercise & Health Issues

Pitweilers are big dogs so make sure you’re supplying all the food they need each day. Their daily food should be high-end quality and formulated for big dogs with medium levels of energy. They need their daily exercise as well to remain healthy and happy.

You should keep in mind that these dogs are not the healthiest dogs and are known to live between 10 and 15 years. It’s important to be sure you can afford extensive yearly checkups for your dog before adopting it.

Diet Tips: What does it eat?

What you feed your dog is up to you but it’s highly recommended to follow your vet’s advice. You can opt for homemade dog food, wet dog food, dry dog food, even a raw diet if you’re experienced. All that matters is that they are fed properly and that they get all the nutrients they need from the food.

Be careful with their weight and take into consideration each snack your dog has throughout the day. Try to not overfeed your Pitweiler as it can gain weight pretty fast without the needed exercise.

Exercise Requirements: Keeping the dog in shape

One hour of intense exercise a day is all these dogs need to maintain their shape and health. But it’s much better if it’s split into two or even three parts. It’s recommended to get the dog out at least 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes around lunch, and 20 minutes every evening.

Having a home with a backyard can definitely be handy but as long as you’re keeping up with their exercising needs, it’s not mandatory.

Common Health Issues for a Pitweiler

When it comes to their health, you should be extra careful. Some of the major concerns you should keep an eye on each year are Demodectic Mange, Cerebellar Abiotrophy (Ataxia), Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, and Subaortic Stenosis.

Other minor concerns include Bloating, Atopy Dermatitis, Zinc Responsive Dermatosis, Pancreatitis, Cataracts, Patellar Luxation, Retinal Dysplasia, Cleft Lip or Palate, and Neuroaxoal Dystrophy. Occasionally, there are cases of Pitweilers with Cushing’s Syndrome, Ichthyosis, Hemivertebra, X-linked Muscular Dystrophy, and Familial Nephropathy.

It’s highly recommended to never miss a checkup and ask for various tests each year. This includes eye examination, skin evaluation, urine tests, blood analysis, genetic tests, X-rays, etc.

Training a Pitweiler

The Pitweiler is a dog that is easily trained. The Rottweiler is actually one of the most intelligent dogs in the world, and the Pit Bull is not a bad breed from that point of view either. This means that training your Pitweiler is a very pleasant bonding time. You can always ask a professional if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Obedience Training

Obedience training should start as soon as you get your puppy home. They need to understand who the boss is and that they should always listen to you. This can ensure that they turn into very good dogs that listen to your commands and won’t cause any problems.

Be firm, but calm, and never use violence against these dogs (or any dog).


Some Pitweilers might have some problems being social, especially if they were always closed inside their homes all the time. It’s important to spend as much time as possible at the park and introduce your dog to as many new people and pets as possible.

This will ensure that your dog will be a social butterfly and that it will easily get used to any new furry additions to the family.

Exercise requirements

Both breeds that make up this mix require a lot of daily exercises and ideally, a small yard should be available to them. Apartments will do though, as long as the daily exercise is there. So naturally, the same applies to the Pitweiler.

You can take your dog with you on many of your daily hobbies. This includes hiking, jogging, swimming, cycling, camping, etc. They love being as included in your life as possible.

Breeding & Puppies

Pitweilers usually come in litters of around 6 dogs, sometimes more, sometimes less. And the puppies need as much help as possible to navigate around, eat, and drink until they are at least one month old. Then you’ll need to keep them until they’re at least 2 months old before even considering taking them from their mom.

Finding a Rottweiler and American Pit Bull Terrier Mix – Kennels & Pedigree

Pitweilers are not very hard to find as they became quite popular in the last few years. But this also means that this mix between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Rottweiler is sometimes found in rescue centers. Look into your nearby shelters and see if they have one if you would like to adopt.

Since this is a designer breed, they are not recognized by the AKC. But they are recognized by various other clubs all over the world.

How much does a mixed Pitweiler cost?

You should be ready to pay a bit if you want one of these dogs. Their parents are very pricey on their own. A Rottweiler puppy can cost anywhere between $900 and $1500. And the American Pit Bull Terrier can even cost $10,000 for a puppy with a proven bloodline. But usually, they cost between $1000 and $2000.

Pitweiler puppies cost anywhere between $800 and $1500. Higher prices are not uncommon at all.

History & Origins of the mixed breed

Unfortunately, there isn’t much known about these dogs. And sadly, that’s the case with most designed dogs. They may have existed naturally over the years but breeders have started to make Pitweilers on purpose somewhere in the last 20 years or so.

American Pit Bull Terrier vs Rottweiler

In order to get a good idea of what this breed is capable of, and what’s likely to result from it, we’ll take a look at both breeds and their general characteristics. Keep in mind that not all dogs are the same, even from the same breed, so none of these traits are a given. Longevitywise, the Pit Bull has a bit of an advantage, with a lifespan which is usually between 12 and 15 years, while the Rottweiler sits somewhere at 10-12 years.

These breeds are of different sizes, so the mixed dog that results from them can vary in size quite a bit. In extreme cases, you can get a dog that weighs as little as 30+ pounds, or as much as 115 pounds. The smaller breed is the Pit Bull Terrier, which weighs 30 to 55 pounds, with a wither height of 12 to 24 inches. The larger Rottweiler has a height of 22 to 27 inches and weighs between 50 and 115 pounds.

Both of these dogs have a shorthaired coat and they’re average shedders. They don’t need much grooming, so you’re lucky from that point of view, and the coat doesn’t need stripping or trimming. The Rottweiler has his tail usually docked, while the Pit Bull gets his ears cropped. What you do with your dog depends on your preferences and on whether the Pitweiler looks more like a Rott or a Pitt. Noisewise, the one that is more likely to bark is the Rottweiler, while the Pit Bull is usually not the type to do it often.

Despite their reputation, the Pit Bulls are more likely to be friendly with a stranger, while Rottweilers are much more reserved around them. Rotts are also the ones that are more independent. Both breeds are considered dominant, especially the Rottweiler, so make sure that your Pitweiler goes through obedience training and that you do it while it’s still a puppy. The Rottweiler does best around children if he has them around as a puppy as well.


Overall, this can be a great breed, as long as you know its pros and cons. Both parents are great types of dogs, so if you’re planning to adopt one, it should be a good idea, with proper training. You should be able to find a professional around you that can help you train your new family member.

These dogs are some of the most loving and loyal dogs in the world. And when you’re in trouble, they will defend you with every strength they have. They form very strong bonds with their owners so make sure you have enough time for your dog each day.

If you’re very busy and there is no one to play with the dog at home for hours, you might want to get a more independent dog. Pitweilers need as much affection as possible and they are very well-known to suffer from separation anxiety when you’re away. They’re excellent for big families but also single people that have the time to be around them.

FAQ – Related Questions

How big does a Pitweiler get?

A Pitweiler can grow between 20 to 23 inches in height and weigh anywhere from 65 to 100lbs. This mixed breed is medium-large so make sure you have the necessary space before adopting one.

Is a Pitweiler hypoallergenic?

Pitweilers are not hypoallergenic dogs, and the same goes for both their parents. But keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic dog, some are just more prone to shedding than others.

Do Pitweilers bark a lot?

Pitweiler dogs are not big barkers. They only become vocal when they need to alert you about an intruder or when they try to scare someone off your property.

Pitweiler Puppies Pictures


And we’ll conclude with a video with some Pittweiler puppies playing.

Pitweiler Images





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