Sheepadoodle, Poodle and Old English Sheepdog

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Sheepadoodle2The Sheepadoodle is the name of the breed obtained by crossing the Poodle with the Old English Sheepdog. Like other cross breeds, it can inherit the best traits from both parent breeds. Besides their loving nature, the Sheepadoodles are also intelligent, loyal and adorable. They love being paid attention and pleased, but in turn they are excellent family dogs, getting along very well with children as well. Being calm in nature and having sweet, fluffy looks, the Sheepadoodles manage to be among the most loved dogs.

The Sheepadoodle are not aggressive by nature and have an average level of intelligence, always wanting to please their families. They are easy to train, but just like most other dogs, the training process must be accompanied by socialization and these both need to start when the puppy is very young.

These dogs need a certain amount of daily exercises and they will also be happy if they have some toys to play with at hand. Sheepadoodles are hypoallergenic dogs due to low to no shedding and have a coat that inherited most traits from the Poodle – it is long, soft and wavy. Their colors are general black when they reached maturity, but along the way they can also be gray, white, silver, tan or combinations of these. Their weight can normally range from 25 to 40 kilos and they can grow up to 60 centimeters tall. The life expectancy of a Sheepadoodle is up to fifteen years on average.

Appearance of Sheepadoodles

The Sheepadoodles have sturdy, solid builds and are medium sized. The head has a broad look between the ears hanging down and on the overall the skull seems dome shaped. Their faces have a feathered look, with a black muzzle and almond shaped dark colored eyes. Their coats bear the traits of the poodle, being wavy long and soft.
With their height going up to even 60 centimeters and their weight up to about 40 kilos, the Sheepadoodles qualify as dogs small to medium in sized.

The Temperament of Sheepadoodles

Besides their loving nature, these dogs are also smart and adorable looking, not to mention very playful. Sheepadoodles love to be cared for and to be provided with plenty of attention and affection. In turn, they are very loyal and have a beautiful character which makes them very good family dogs. They get along well with children and will be open to positive interaction with other dogs. Possessors of a calm, balanced temperament, they are a very non aggressive cross breed and will tend to please the families they are part of. They are easy to be please by providing them plenty of exercising and toys which will enlighten their days. They are also hypoallergenic so they fit well in homes of people who dislike having dog hair all around the house or have allergies.Sheepadoodle1

Similar to almost all other dog breeds, the Sheepadoodles also require training and plenty occasions to socialize starting at very early ages. In this way, they can develop their best abilities and end being a brilliant dog and also to develop a good temper. It is highly recommended that they are taken to dog kindergarten classes. They will love it each time their masters take them along in journeys or walks, as they will enjoy both the exercise and the company.

Interaction with Other Pets and Children

Sheepadoodles behave well with children, but it is also important that the children are also taught how to behave and play with these dogs. Supervision of their playing together and any other type of interaction by adults is highly recommended.

Care and Grooming of Sheepadoodles

Average shedders, Sheepadoodles require daily brushing and grooming. Their long coats need to be clipped and trimmed periodically. In order to prevent ear infections, the dogs’ ears need to be cleaned properly frequently.

Known Health Issues of Sheepadoodles

Generally, Sheepadoodles are healthy dogs, but being a hybrid dog they can also inherit at times health conditions from their parents. When getting a little puppy, it is important to do this from a trusted breeder, who should be able to present some health certificates. With all required tests done and passed, such certificates should provide the necessary health clearance. The background of a puppy is very important and will be decisive later on, as the puppy grows and becomes an adult.Sheepadoodle

Training Sheepadoodles

The training process is a key element in every dog’s life and Sheepadoodles are no exception. This helps them exercise and enhance their skills and abilities and become brilliant dogs. They are intelligent enough to be trained easily, provided this is carried out with firmness, consistency and positive reinforcements. Patience is also required for a successful progress.

Sheepadoodle Exercising

Sheepadoodles are active and manifest themselves with liveliness and playfulness. They will fully enjoy having the possibility of playing in a fenced backyard or any other play areas and will be delighted if some toys are available as well. They like being active and they will take any opportunity of playing or running around the house or yard. No matter if it’s walking, jogging or running, they will be glad to accompany their master and keep fit and healthy.
Sheepadoodles are recongnized as cross breed by the Dog Registry of America and Designer Canine Registry®.
Once one gets a Sheepadoodle puppy, it is important to find a suitable name that will outline its uniqueness even more.

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