Westiepoo, Poodle and West Highland White Terrier Mix

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Westiepoo1The Westiepoo is a hybrid dog, obtained through the mix between the Poodle and the West Highland White Terrier. These hybrids are medium sized dogs, with a sturdy build, but also very agile. They are gaining more and more popularity due to their coats which are hypoallergenic and, therefore, can be ideal companions for people suffering from allergies. These are very lively dogs, quite clever and very loving, being devoted and attached to their families. Westiepoos like being in the center of attention and spend as much time as possible among people; they are sad when left alone and may even turn to unwanted behavior, due to boredom.

They fit better in families with older children, who generally are more aware of how is best to behave with dogs. Westiepoos can get along well with other pets and even dogs, especially if they grew up together. Aggression is not usually part of the Westiepoos’ behavior, but they may manifest a hot temper if they feel irritated. They have some good watchdog abilities, acting reserved in the presence of strangers and alerting their masters when anything out of the ordinary happens.

Because the Westiepoos are not the easiest dogs to train, it is recommended that training and socialization begin at early ages, when obedience can be taught easier to these dogs. Harsh methods do not bring any good results with Westiepoos, it is important to have consistency, patience, so that the process is successful. Any outdoor activities like walks, be it with a leash or without, are welcome by these dogs, but they will be really happy if they can enjoy some playing time in a fenced backyard.

The Westiepoo coats are soft and wavy in most cases and, although it usually comes in white, it can also have some brown or tan shades or even black color. Grooming is not a difficult activity, with brushing being needed regularly in order to get rid of the dead hairs. Bathing should be performed only when necessary and only using special dog shampoo. The ears need attention as well, in order to prevent potential infections by keeping them clean. There are some health concerns with regards to Westiepoos, including chronic skin problems, epilepsy and liver disease.

These medium sized dogs can reach up to 20 kilos in weight and can grow up to about 40 centimeters tall. They have a life expectancy of up 15 years. The appearance of Westiepoos is that of robust dogs, having a round head and an equally long muzzle, as well as eyes which betray intelligence. Their noses are black and the color of the coat is white most often, but these can also come in shades of tan or even black.

Westiepoo Personality

WestiepooWestiepoos are very lively dogs and clever, too. They are devoted to their family and are always happy when they spend time with their people. If they are left alone for longer intervals of time, they will be unhappy and may turn to destructive behavior due to boredom. They are not the barker type, but if isolated they may bark excessively. Intruders cannot easily escape the alert senses of the Westiepoos and the masters will be alerted. These hybrids will also notify the family when they hear unusual noises. This behavior can only lead to the conclusion that Westiepoos are reputable watchdogs.

Similar to most other dogs, Westiepoos too require a training process which starts at early ages, as well as proper socialization. These will ensure they will develop as good dogs, with a balanced nature and will train their physical and mental skills. Kindergarten classes for dogs can turn out to be an excellent choice for these dogs. When going on a trip, it is good if the Westiepoos can be taken as companions and they will enjoy this without any doubts.
Westipoos can be trained to get along quite well with other pets and children, provided they get the appropriate training and socialization at the right moment. However, the children should be also taught how is best to deal with these dogs and the interactions between them should always be supervised by adults.

Westiepoo Grooming

Westiepoo2Because of the type of their coats, the grooming necessities are not very difficult or demanding for the owners. Regular brushing is of course needed, just like in the cases of other dogs, in order to get rid of the dead hairs and ensure the good looks of the coat. Bathing is only required from time to time and it should be performed only using special and mild dog shampoo. Ear infections can be avoided by regular checking and cleaning.

Westiepoo Health

Hybrid dog breeds manage sometimes to get rid of some health problems of the parent breeds, but it can also happen to inherit the health conditions from the parents. Westiepoos are exposed to issues such as chronic skin problems, epilepsy, liver disease and progressive retinal atrophy.
Westiepoos are known to be hard to housetrain sometimes, therefore the techniques used are very important for them, in order to learn obedience and become the brilliant dogs they can be, later on, as adults. Harsh training is not recommended especially that it will not generate good results. Instead, patience, consistency and fairness can be real advantages during the process. Westiepoos can adjust very well to living in apartments, provided they receive enough opportunities for physical exercises and playing sessions.

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