Consistency – The Key To Dog Training Success

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Dog training may seem like a daunting task. It can be quite difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. The key to success in dog training is through consistency. Dogs learn via association, if you jump all over the place then your dog will never learn to associate their behavior with a reward. Maintain a consistent approach and dog training routine and you will be sure to succeed!

Key things to remember when dog training include that it is not an overnight process. It takes time, effort and commitment to successfully train any puppy or dog. Commitment and responsibility are sadly lacking in our society. Thousands of puppies and are killed every day. Many of them wind up in the shelter because there owners were too lazy to train them, so they think the dog has behavioral problems. The behavioral problems in reality are just a lack of training.

consistency-dog-trainingBringing a new pet into your home is a responsibility that lasts a lifetime. Pets offer endless fun and love but they need you to do your part also. Do not make the mistake that because you brought the pet into your home for your children that you are not responsible for its well being. If your children can not raise themselves then do not expect them to raise others. To help insure a lifetime of love and happiness, make sure that the dog receives at least basic training.

Being both patient and consistent in your dog training is essential. Dogs, like babies are not born knowing what is expected of them. Only by being consistent from the beginning to the end of the training can you be truly successful in your dog training.

Dogs have better hearing, eyesight and sense of smell than we do. Keep this in mind when communicating with them. Shouting is never an acceptable method of training with any animal. While it may just annoy and intimidate your children it can cause physical pain with the dogs heightened sense of hearing. Use a firm clear voice when reprimanding the dog in training.

Set your dog up to succeed in his training. Manipulate his environment to help him do the right thing and hard for him to do the wrong. For instance if the dog is not allowed to go downstairs then keep the door shut and do not call him while you’re on the stairs or in the basement.

Dogs need exercise on a daily basis. Walking, or active playing with you and a favorite toy help insure the dog gets to exercise his body and his mind. While he will play by himself it is important that he gets the added stimulation physically and mentally. By playing a role in this you help him bond and fight loneliness and boredom.

When training your dog develop both verbal and hand gestures to communicate with the dog. They see and hear better than we do by using both hand and verbal commands they will learn faster. Never hit the dog! This is not proper dog training it interferes with the training of the dog. Instead when the dog is successful in training then give him a hug and lots of praise. When he does not do well then use a firm hand to show that he did not please you. This also helps show that you are in charge in the right way.

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