Cavapoo, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle Mix

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Cavapoo-dog-mixedNo matter if the coat is shorter and curly as one of the parent breeds, the Poodle, or longer and straight like the other’s – the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, this dog has the adorable looks as a guarantee. As you may have guessed, this dog is the Cavapoo, a cross breed which comes mostly in solid colors, but sometimes in combinations of two colors, of which one is always white. Being a cross breed and thus not knowing exactly which traits a Cavapoo will inherit from his parents, makes this dog a sort of a surprise for a potential future owner. However, he will be worth all the love and affection one is willing to provide.

Although some people expect that a cross breed will mean bringing together the good traits of one or more breeds of dogs, this is far from being a sure thing. Genetics are often unpredictable and offer surprising variations and combinations of dogs’ characteristics and even more when two breeds are crossed. Therefore, no breeder is able to control the outcome of such a crossing and this is important for a future Cavapoo owner to acknowledge, since there’s a chance good money will also need to be paid.

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About the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle Mix

Cavapoos are comfortable to be kept in homes, as they are rather small in size and often not weighing more than twelve kilos. They inherit the adorable looks from both parent breeds and this is a good reason to get a Cavapoo and not their watchdog abilities, which are totally missing because of their friendly nature.

Most Cavapoos are completely trainable and even looking forward to it, although sometimes they become victims of their pleasure to just lie in the arms of the people they love. In these cases you can try and bribe them with a cookie in return for some sit/stay exercises. Playful and cheerful, Cavapoos are excellent playmates for adults and children above six years of age, but in the case of younger children it’s best to be supervised, as they may get hurt unintentionally by them, even if they have rather sturdy bodies for a dog this size.

Needing only moderate activity levels, the Cavapoos are suitable for almost any owner life style, only requiring a daily good walk or a bit more consistent indoors playing. If the health allows it, they make good participant in obedience, rally, chasing and fetching games or sports. A ball will always draw the Cavapoos’ attention. Both parent breeds of the Cavapoo are easily trainable if the sessions start at an early age and are reinforced with rewards and praises, which will make this dog an excellent companion.

The Poodle’s hypoallergenic characteristic is supposed to have been passed on to Cavapoos, which would mean that the people around them will be less exposed to catching allergies. However, there isn’t solid proof in this regard, while theoretically any person can be allergic to any type of dog, pure or cross breed. A reputable breeder will always know this and won’t try to use such an argument to convince you to buy a Cavapoo.

Because people adore Cavapoos, which makes them a well selling type of dog, some irresponsible breeders also occurred along the process, trying to take advantage of this. However, it is not always paying money the only solution to get you a puppy, but sometimes adoption organizations or local animal shelters can be the right answer.

More Facts

Cavapoos are indoor dogs, they aren’t suitable for living outdoors. Also, being sensitive to heat, they should never be left outside when the temperatures are spiking. They are lovely companions and they have therapy dogs abilities.

Cavapoo Personality

white-cavapooLike in the case of most dogs, be it pure or cross breeds, the personality is the result of both inheritance and environment. While the puppy’s mother is the most influent factor in the determining of personality, the early socialization level and the environment have a big impact on it as well. With both parent breeds being very sociable, easy going and friendly, the Cavapoo is likely to be the same. However, if a puppy’s parents behave aggressively or are too shy and afraid of you, it would be better to keep on looking, as this behavior is most likely to be found later on at the puppy.

The Cavapoo is an excellent learner when training is combined with positive reinforcements, showing him what the things you like are and rewarding him with treats, praises and playtime. He will probably repay you in turn with some tricks of his own.


While genetics is nowadays still a game of chance and may express itself in so many different ways, it’s hard to say what the health of a Cavapoo will be when compared with the one of the parent breeds. With a good chance to have less exposure to genetic diseases due to the crossing of the breeds, there is also a chance that this dog will be exposed to health conditions of both the Poodle and the Cavalier. In this instance, for a future owner is important to be acquainted with the health guides for both breeds.

As it is very hard, even impossible, for anyone, even a responsible, reputable breeder or veterinarian to estimate how good or bad the health of a Cavapoo puppy will be later on, it all comes down to giving him the best chance possible. So even if the future has its dose of unpredictability, getting the puppy from breeders that are passionate and responsible about what they’re doing and always screen the parent breeds for genetic diseases and only use specimens that are cleared from this point of view can make all the difference for a puppy’s future life. Ensure that proper certificates exist, issued by Canine Eye Registry Foundation for example, or the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Cavapoo Grooming

Cavapoo-puppyNo matter the type of coat a Cavapoo has, professional grooming ensures the best treatment for the dog and should be carried out every month or one month and a half at most. Additionally, there is a need for a more frequent coat brushing, every few days, so that the chances of tangles and mats to be reduced. Monthly bathing is also recommended.

Mind the Cavapoo’s eyes, as they are exposed to developing reddish or brown stains right beneath. Washing the dog’s face on a daily basis, along with a careful wipe of these areas should do the trick and prevent these from setting.

The genital area and the anus of the Cavapoo need to be kept clean and trimmed, so that urine and feces are not retained by the hairs in these areas, thus ensuring hygiene and avoiding bad smells. Of course, like all dogs, the Cavapoos too need to have their ears clean and dry at all times, the teeth brushed regularly with products approved by veterinarians. There is a certain risk for this smaller sized breed to develop periodontal disease.

Give it a good thought before actually getting a Cavapoo to see what would best fit your life style and if, by any chance, an adult, already trained Cavapoo won’t be more suitable for your home, than a puppy who needs proper training so that he doesn’t go destructive out of an energy burst. Adult dogs are also easier to read from a personality and temperament point of view.

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