Frengle, French Bulldog Beagle Mix

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Frengle-French-Bulldog-Beagle-Mix-Girl-DogThe so called Frengle hybrid is a mixed dog, with parents from two different purebreds, in this case a French Bulldog and a Beagle. Being the offspring of parents from two different breeds, with their own temperament, health issues, size and training potential, the results can often be a bit random, taking some things from one parent, and other things from the other.

Many of the Frengle dogs that exist will take the French Bulldog’s stature, but keeping the shape of the head you see on a Beagle. The colors can vary as well and the same goes for the tail, which can be longer, like the one you see on beagles, or docked, like the one you see on a bulldog. Since the product of two breeds will have characteristics from both, we’ll take a look next at a couple of things that they have in common and some thing that are different. You might be able to get a feeling of the temperament of the dog while he’s young, but until he’s matured you can’t really be sure.

French Bulldog vs Beagle Characteristics

The average lifespan of the Bulldog is 10 to 12 years, while the Beagle usually is in the 12 to 15 years range. As far as size is concerned, both breeds have the same stature and weight (between 9 and 15 inches in height at shoulder level, with 15 to 35 pounds in weight), so they’re predictable in that regard. Another thing they have in common is the fact that they have short coats and that they’re average shedders. Very little grooming, if any, is required for them. Frengles will make for good pets if you don’t enjoy the grooming process in dogs.

Both breeds seem to be quite noisy, especially the Beagle, though the Bulldog loves to bark once in a while as well. One area where they seem to be different is in their friendliness towards strangers. The French Bulldog is the one that is reserved with them, while the Beagle enjoys other people’s company. Your mixed dog might take after one or the other.

Dominance wise, they’re both submissive for the most part, so you will not need to fight them too much. They also are dependent on people, especially the French Bulldogs, so if you don’t want an independent dog that just wants to be left alone, the Frengle might be the way to go. The Beagle does well with children, but the Bulldog might benefit from the presence of older kids, which are more considerate.

Frengle Training & Exercise

They are moderately easy to train, and if they take after the Beagle side of the family, they might benefit from having a small yard to play in so they can exercise and consume their energy. They shouldn’t have a problem living indoors though, so apartment owners can safely get one of these dogs. The indoors activity level is moderate to high (Bulldog vs Beagle), so expect to have a dog that will not just sit around and sleep.

Pictures of Puppies

And here are a couple of adorable puppy pictures of Frengles. As far as puppies go, these are very cute.


And finally, a video with a litter of very cute Frengle puppies stumbling around.

Frengle Pictures






14 thoughts on “Frengle, French Bulldog Beagle Mix”

  1. I have a frengle, I’ve always had beagles! I took
    A chance with the frenchie, and what a wonderful
    Dog he is. If you have a chance, get a frengles.

  2. I have a Frengle! He’s 3 yrs now. wonderful best buddy,First two years were kinda wild,exceptional Perky Puppy Personality! Has a Beagle nose,but even can walk the beach without a leash.Wonderful part of the family,needs alot of attention and exersize.Very trainable though.

  3. We have a “fregle”. She is great with the kids. Very playful. She always wants to play with kids. She is definite not a cuddler. But she is the pack animal. She doesn’t like it when she becomes separated from her family. And voices her anxiety, the beagle in her. She has the beagle nose for smell. She also acquired the frenchies allergies?

  4. Madden, our frengle, stole my heart from the moment I saw him. Me and the kids (18 &19) were killing some time and decided to check out the puppies at a local pet store. Never did I think we would leave with a 10 week old puppy. We have always been a rescue family, inwas in a bit of sticker shock to see a $1,400 price tag attached to my new love!

    Madden is a cuddle bug. Two couches and he’s not comfortable unless all FOUR paws are in your lap! He plays well with the cat and his best friend is the next door neighbors dog, never has he shown an ounce of aggression. He loves meeting new people & small children who can almost run as fast as he can!

    But be prepared – like the previous comment, he does have anxiety if left alone for more then an hour. He does a great job of letting you know just how unhappy with you he was, any shredded paper he can find….newspapers, books…invest in a good vaccuum!

    We also had him allergy tested when he first came home to us. He very quickly developed skin and stomach issues. We found the biggest offenders were brown rice (along with a slight reaction to at least a dozen other foods – predominately grains & gluten based) & household cleaning products (including Tide). He does excellent on Orijen Puppy. One of the more expensive foods – $50 for about a 3 week supply. And we use Odoban on his blankets and the hardwood floors. We also take him to Petsmart for grooming – they have a wonderful sensitive skin bath and treatment. It usually is around $45 for bath, nails & sensitive skin treatment every few months.

    He’s such a little lover & a perfect fit for our family but be prepared for the cost.

  5. I also have a frengle and his big ears stick straight up. He is one of the best dogs I ever had. He will go from a ball of nerves to a dog that is one with the couch. One day I decided to see what would happen if I slid him off of the couch and I don’t think he even opened his eyes he just stayed sleeping.

  6. Are there any people in Dutchess County, NY, who are interested in adopting a 6 month old Frengle to a good home, with a yard and children or another dog?


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