Frengle, French Bulldog Beagle Mix

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Frengle-French-Bulldog-Beagle-Mix-Girl-DogThe socalled Frengle hybrid is a mixed dog, with parents from two different purebreds, in this case, a French Bulldog and a Beagle. Being the offspring of parents from two different breeds, with their own temperament, health issues, size, and training potential, the results can often be a bit random, taking some things from one parent, and other things from the other.

These dogs are also known as French Bulldog Beagle Mix and they don’t have any other names. They are purposely bred as designed dogs in an attempt to get rid of the French Bulldog’s breathing problems. Frengles are very popular all over the world and they can make excellent pets.

Quick – Pros & Cons of a Frengle

They are moderately easy to train, and if they take after the Beagle side of the family, they might benefit from having a small yard to play in so they can exercise and consume their energy.

They shouldn’t have a problem living indoors though, so apartment owners can safely get one of these dogs. The indoors activity level is moderate to high (Bulldog vs Beagle), so expect to have a dog that will not just sit around and sleep.

Frengles grow up to 15 inches in height and can weigh up to 30lbs. You should be ready for a long-time commitment as these dogs can live anywhere between 10 and 15 years, depending on how healthy they are. Dogs that are well taken care of are known to live much longer, happier, and healthier lives.



Child Friendly

Dog Friendly



Thrives in apartments as well


Tends to bark a lot



Frengles love all the attention they can get and they tend to be very social creatures. This means that they will most likely become best friends with anyone they meet, especially if you socializing them from a young age.

They’re also very alert and make great watchdogs. No sound will go undetected by the Frengle and you will be alerted when someone is near your home. If treated properly, a Frengle will protect and love you with every cell in its little body.

Is it good with children?

When it comes to playing with children, you absolutely shouldn’t leave your small child alone with the dog. While a Frengle is very gentle and loves children of all ages, this dog is also very little and fragile. This means that if your little baby doesn’t know what exactly to do with the dog, he might hurt the Frengle unintentionally.

Until your child learns how to treat a Frengle, you should never leave them unsupervised. Once they get to know each other better and there’s no risk of an accident happening, they will keep each other busy by playing all the time. Frengles are very energetic, which means they will keep up with a child just fine.

Behavior towards strangers

Frengles are alert dogs, which means that their first instinct when a stranger comes by is to bark. This will alert you about the intruder and let them know that this is your property. So if you’re looking for a small watchdog that is also very sweet and caring with the family, this dog is definitely a good choice.

But if you want a more social dog, all you have to do is introduce the Frengle to as many strangers as possible while growing up. They’re naturally social and will easily become friends with every person they see. This way, you won’t have to worry when guests come over and the dog is not in a crate.

How it does with other pets/dogs

Frengles do well in households in which they are the main attention, but they are OK with other pets as well. These dogs have a natural hunting instinct that can be a problem when introducing a new, small pet to an adult Frengle.

But as long as you’re raising them together, the Frengle can get used to the other pets without any issues. And if you have to leave the dog at home for hours, it’s best if it has a friend to play with.

Aggressiveness of a French Bulldog and Beagle Mix

Frengles are some of the least aggressive breeds of dogs in the world. They might be very stubborn but definitely not aggressive. But if the dog experiences mistreatment from someone, they will naturally start to bark and defend themselves when they see that person.

Other than that, they are very gentle and sweet dogs. They love being cuddles and you will easily bond with them if you just hold them in your lap for a few minutes.

Does it bark a lot?

Frengle dogs love being vocal. They’ll alert you when they notice that someone new is around, when their toy got stuck, or when the cat won’t play with them. No matter what happens, these dogs will be very vocal about it.

You might have to train them if you think barking will be a problem in your apartment. But if you need a dog that is as silent as possible, you might want to get another type of dog instead of forcing a Frengle to stay silent all the time.

Appearance and Grooming

The French Bulldog and Beagle mix can end up looking like any of the parents when it’s older. Typically, they combine the allure of the French Bulldog and the head shape of the Beagle. This happens a lot with dogs that come from two pretty different breeds. You never know what you’ll end up with until they are around 1-year old.

A Frengle’s muzzle will also usually be slightly shorter than the one of a Beagle. And at the same time, they might have a few of the Bulldog’s skin wrinkles. And grooming is a pretty easy thing to do as they are very low maintenance. You should also keep in mind that these dogs are not hypoallergenic.

How big does it get?

These dogs are quite small and they love spending time on your lap. They vary in size but are generally between 8 and 15 inches in height. And when it comes to their weight, they might weigh as little as 18lbs or up to 30lbs.

You should also prepare for a long-term commitment as they live around 12 to 15 years. And they’re also pretty active.

What does a Frengle look like?

A Frengle’s body tends to be sturdy and slightly longer than the dog’s height. This dog also has a wide chest and short, but strong legs. The paws are adorably cute and rounded and their tail might depend on which parent they take after. It could be long and pointed like the Beagle’s or docked like the Bulldog.

The Frengle’s nose is black with wide nostrils and the eyes are round with an expressive look. They’re typically brown and other eye colors are very rare.

Appearance and color

Frengles have a pretty attractive appearance, as they’re small in size but have lots of energy and enthusiasm. Their ears are typically floppy, but they can also take after the Bulldog and have bat-shaped ears. But it’s a lot less common.

When it comes to their coat, it’s easy to maintain and comes in a wide range of colors, including cream and black. It can also be brindle, brown, white, etc. Some dogs have solid colors, while others have a mix of the mentioned colors.

Type of coat

The length of the coat is short-to-medium, and its density is pretty normal. It’s also slightly wiry and it requires an occasional brushing. Their short coat often makes them look quite shiny, which makes the dogs even more adorable than they already are.

Both parents have similar coats, which means that having a Frengle with another type of coat is almost impossible.

How easy it is to groom?

Grooming the dog is definitely not hard as it requires a bath only when necessary. And with a brush that picks up loose hair is all you need for weekly brushing. However, you should pay a lot more attention to their ears. Since they have floppy ears, they risk suffering from ear infections and ear mites. Check and clean their ears every day with a damp cloth to remove all the dirt.

They might also not get the chance to wear down their nails on their own. Get used to trimming their nails every month so they won’t “click” around the house. And since small dogs are more prone to teeth problems, get your Frengle used to teeth brushing from a young age. You will need to brush its teeth daily to ensure they remain strong and healthy.

Care Guide – Diet, Exercise & Health Issues

It’s very important to take your Frengle to the vet as soon as you brought him home. While the necessary check-ups might be a bit pricey, you should ask the vet to do all kinds of tests so you know 100% what kind of dog you have. The tests and check-ups will reveal if the dog has any allergies, unseen birth issues, etc.

After that, the vet will be able to tell you exactly what your dog can eat and what you should avoid feeding it. The vet should also clear the dog fr daily exercise and make sure there’s nothing wrong with their feet.

Diet Tips: What does it eat?

Their diet should be prepared for a small dog with a pretty high level of energy. And since one of the Frengle’s parents have a tendency to overeat, you should pay extra attention to your dog. It’s very easy for a Frengle to become overweight, especially if it doesn’t get the necessary exercise.

Look for high-end quality food and check with your vet if it’s appropriate for your dog. And if you’re using treats during training, make sure you’re keeping those snacks in mind when it’s time to feed the dog.

Exercise Requirements: Keeping the dog in shape

This is a dog with a lot of energy and will need between 30 minutes and 2 hours of exercise a day. Make sure you’re able to provide at least 1 hour of exercise every day and at least 30 minutes if you’re in a hurry that day.

A dog that doesn’t exercise enough will become destructive very fast and will start ruining your couch, shoes, socks, rugs, etc.

Common Health Issues for a Frengle

These dogs were originally made to try to get rid of the breathing problems of the French Bulldog. But Frengles also have breathing problems, which is why you should never walk them in the middle of the day when the weather is extremely hot. They also don’t take the cold too well.

Some major health concerns include Hip Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Intervertebral Disc Disease, and Hypothyroidism. But you should also keep an eye out for Patellar Luxation, Brachycephalic Syndrome, and Ear Infections.

Make sure you’re getting your dog tested properly each year. Some of the tests include X-Rays, Urinalysis, Spinal Tap, Complete Blood Count, Largyngeal Examinations, Physical and Neurology Tests, Ear Tests and Myringotomy Tests, and a Full Physical Examination.

Training a Frengle

Frengles are known to be quite stubborn but they are easy to train for someone with experience. If this is your first dog, you might want to get help from a professional trainer.

And no matter what training your dog needs, you have to maintain a calm and firm attitude. Otherwise, the training will have a bad effect on the pet.

Obedience Training

For a stubborn dog such as the Frengle, obedience training needs to start as soon as possible. They will try to push your buttons and question your authority but you have to remain firm.

A dog that doesn’t have obedience training can be very dangerous in public. If the dog doesn’t listen to you, other people might have some serious issues with being disturbed by your dog while they’re on a walk.


Proper socialization is also very important, especially if you take your dog to the park. Your dog needs to learn as early as possible when it’s OK to ask for attention from another person in the park and when it needs to stay put.

Socialization is done by introducing your Frengle to as many new people and pets as possible and teaching it boundaries. This will get the dog used to other people and it won’t have an aggressive behavior when it’s an adult.

Exercise requirements

Frengles love running around so make sure you’re able to offer the space your dog needs to exercise. If you give your dog the exercise it needs each day, it can thrive in an apartment quite easily. But if not, it’s best to keep him in a home with a yard.

These dogs can exercise by going on a jog or hike with you, while playing with your children, going swimming with you, etc.

Breeding & Puppies

Typically, the Frengle litter has around 5 puppies and they’re incredibly fragile. They require a lot of help until they can get around on their own. Make sure the vet sees them and makes sure each one of them is healthy.

Breeding Frengles is quite a bit of work but worth it if done properly. They’re lovely dogs and can make perfect companions to almost anyone.

Finding a Beagle and French Bulldog Mix – Kennels & Pedigree

A Frengle is a mix between a purebred Beagle and a purebred French Bulldog. They are designer dogs and can be quite pricey.

The Frengle is a hybrid breed, which is why it’s not recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, it’s recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), the Designer Breed Registry (DBR), the Designed Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), the Dog Registry of America Inc. (DRA), and the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).

How much does a mixed Frengle cost?

Frengle puppies can cost anywhere between $200 and $700. But it all depends on the breeder and whether the parents are priced dogs or not.

A good breeder will be quite insistent with his questions so he could find out whether the dog will be treated well or not.

History & Origins of the mixed breed

The French Bulldog comes from England and was made after the lace makers guild decided they need a smaller version of the English Bulldog in the 1860s. Then they made their way to France, where these dogs became extremely popular and got the name of the French Bulldog.

On the other hand, the Beagles date back as far as the 1500s, where they were used to hunt track rabbits, hate, and other small animals. After some time they got replaced by the Foxhound as it’s a faster dog. The Beagles were later imported to the U.S.A. where they became the Beagles we know today.

And sadly, the Freagle doesn’t have a lot of history, which is very common with designed dogs. They were purposely created sometime in the late 1990s and are now very popular around the world.

French Bulldog vs Beagle Characteristics

Many of the Frengle dogs that exist will take the French Bulldog’s stature, but keeping the shape of the head you see on a Beagle. The colors can vary as well and the same goes for the tail, which can be longer, like the one you see on beagles, or docked, like the one you see on a bulldog.

Since the product of two breeds will have characteristics from both, we’ll take a look next at a couple of things that they have in common and some things that are different. You might be able to get a feeling of the temperament of the dog while he’s young, but until he’s matured you can’t really be sure.

The average lifespan of the Bulldog is 10 to 12 years, while the Beagle usually is in the 12 to 15 years range. As far as size is concerned, both breeds have the same stature and weight (between 9 and 15 inches in height at shoulder level, with 15 to 35 pounds in weight), so they’re predictable in that regard.

Another thing they have in common is the fact that they have short coats and that they’re average shedders. Very little grooming, if any, is required for them. Frengles will make for good pets if you don’t enjoy the grooming process in dogs.

Both breeds seem to be quite noisy, especially the Beagle, though the Bulldog loves to bark once in a while as well. One area where they seem to be different is in their friendliness towards strangers. The French Bulldog is the one that is reserved with them, while the Beagle enjoys other people’s company. Your mixed dog might take after one or the other.

Dominance-wise, they’re both submissive for the most part, so you will not need to fight them too much. They also are dependent on people, especially the French Bulldogs, so if you don’t want an independent dog that just wants to be left alone, the Frengle might be the way to go. The Beagle does well with children, but the Bulldog might benefit from the presence of older kids, which are more considerate.


The Frengle is a great pet for both big families and single people. They’re adaptable dogs and love all the attention they can get. More than that, they’re quite smart and capable of a wide range of tricks. They live up to 15 years, so make sure you’re ready for a Frengle before rushing into the wrong decision.

FAQ – Related Questions

How big does a Frengle get?

A Frengle dog can grow up between 8 and 15 inches in height and weigh between 18 to 30 pounds. They’re not big and dangerous dogs. And they tend to thrive in apartments as much as in houses with small yards.

Is a Frengle hypoallergenic?

Frengles are low shedders but they’re not hypoallergenic. This means that you might want to look for another dog if you are allergic to dogs.

Do Frengles bark a lot?

Frengle dogs are very social and will express that by being vocal all the time. They’re not from a yappy breed but they require training to keep their barking under control

Pictures of Puppies

And here are a couple of adorable puppy pictures of Frengles. As far as puppies go, these are very cute.


And finally, a video with a litter of very cute Frengle puppies stumbling around.

Frengle Pictures






14 thoughts on “Frengle, French Bulldog Beagle Mix”

  1. I have a frengle, I’ve always had beagles! I took
    A chance with the frenchie, and what a wonderful
    Dog he is. If you have a chance, get a frengles.

  2. I have a Frengle! He’s 3 yrs now. wonderful best buddy,First two years were kinda wild,exceptional Perky Puppy Personality! Has a Beagle nose,but even can walk the beach without a leash.Wonderful part of the family,needs alot of attention and exersize.Very trainable though.

  3. We have a “fregle”. She is great with the kids. Very playful. She always wants to play with kids. She is definite not a cuddler. But she is the pack animal. She doesn’t like it when she becomes separated from her family. And voices her anxiety, the beagle in her. She has the beagle nose for smell. She also acquired the frenchies allergies?

  4. Madden, our frengle, stole my heart from the moment I saw him. Me and the kids (18 &19) were killing some time and decided to check out the puppies at a local pet store. Never did I think we would leave with a 10 week old puppy. We have always been a rescue family, inwas in a bit of sticker shock to see a $1,400 price tag attached to my new love!

    Madden is a cuddle bug. Two couches and he’s not comfortable unless all FOUR paws are in your lap! He plays well with the cat and his best friend is the next door neighbors dog, never has he shown an ounce of aggression. He loves meeting new people & small children who can almost run as fast as he can!

    But be prepared – like the previous comment, he does have anxiety if left alone for more then an hour. He does a great job of letting you know just how unhappy with you he was, any shredded paper he can find….newspapers, books…invest in a good vaccuum!

    We also had him allergy tested when he first came home to us. He very quickly developed skin and stomach issues. We found the biggest offenders were brown rice (along with a slight reaction to at least a dozen other foods – predominately grains & gluten based) & household cleaning products (including Tide). He does excellent on Orijen Puppy. One of the more expensive foods – $50 for about a 3 week supply. And we use Odoban on his blankets and the hardwood floors. We also take him to Petsmart for grooming – they have a wonderful sensitive skin bath and treatment. It usually is around $45 for bath, nails & sensitive skin treatment every few months.

    He’s such a little lover & a perfect fit for our family but be prepared for the cost.

  5. I also have a frengle and his big ears stick straight up. He is one of the best dogs I ever had. He will go from a ball of nerves to a dog that is one with the couch. One day I decided to see what would happen if I slid him off of the couch and I don’t think he even opened his eyes he just stayed sleeping.

  6. Are there any people in Dutchess County, NY, who are interested in adopting a 6 month old Frengle to a good home, with a yard and children or another dog?


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