Poogle, Beagle and Poodle Mix

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Poogle DogThe Poogle is a cross breed having the Beagle and the Poodle as parent breeds. It is a medium sized breed and is popular due to its intelligence and friendly nature. There is a certain variety of colors for the Poogles’ coats, but the most common ones are black, cream, white, brown, gray and golden or some combinations between these. A usual participant in the agility sports, the Poogle needs a regular schedule of exercising in order to keep fit.

The coat length and texture usually vary, from long to medium, from wavy to straight and wiry to soft. A specific trait inherited from the Poodle side is the hypoallergenic coat, which makes people – especially the ones with allergies to dogs – to prefer Poogles over other breeds.

The Poogle also goes by some other names such as Beapoo, Beaglepoo or Beagapoo and is a cross breed with 50-50 mix of a Beagle and a Poodle. Due to the significant changes in appearance in different age stages, it is rather hard or even impossible to predict how a Poogle will actually look like. The first variable is the coat, which has multiple lengths, colors and textures, with most of them having a low shedding level, thus having fewer grooming requirements. Friendly in nature, the Poogles get along very well with other pets and children, which, along with a good level of adaption to different types of environment, recommend them as excellent family pets. They love playing and doing all sorts of exercises and are always loyal to their owners, often being very loving and affectionate. They do have a tendency to bark, but Poogles are not considered a problem from this point of view. The usual life span is between ten and thirteen years.

In order to be able to make an idea about the personality and temperament of the Poogle, one needs to consider the traits of both parents, the Poodle and the Beagle. As these are usually passed on at different levels, this can help outline the nature the Poogle is most likely to possess.


With somehow rectangular bodies, Poogles do have solid builds, although their length is bigger than the height. The neck is smaller than would best fit and along with a large chest, it sustains a head that is mostly Beagle looking. In weight, the Poogle usually have up to 12 kilos, while in height they usually don’t go past 40 centimeters. There is wavy hair on the head and face, around big, round eyes betraying intelligence and friendly nature. The ears are medium sized and are drooping to right under the jaw.

Temperament of the Poogle

There are a lot of positive traits a Poogle has – such as loyalty, friendly nature and affection – which make them desirable for a lot of people. They just love being in the company of humans and tend to become very fond of them. An excellent family pet, getting along just fine with children and other dogs, the Poogle has some pretty good watchdog abilities, too. They can do very well with other pets as well, provided they receive a proper level of socialization, which ideally needs to begin at an early age, as it has some strong instincts to hunt or chase which need to be tempered. If these instincts prevail, the Poogles are very likely to hunt down other house pets. From a coat point of view, they are very low shedders, which makes them more than welcome in most houses and people appreciate their hypoallergenic character.

Like many other dog breeds, the Poogle is best to receive proper training from an early age. The kindergarten for puppies can be a very good start, which will allow them to make contact with a lot of other dogs and people, getting familiar with various situations and thus carrying out successfully the socialization process, which is the key to having a dog with a tempered nature and behavior. Although Poogles are getting along well with children, and other pets, as previously mentioned, their interaction should not be left unsupervised, especially in the beginning. They are also great companions for people of all ages, even elders.

The Care and Grooming of the Poogle

Poodle/Beagle Mix
Poodle/Beagle Mix

The grooming requirements are very much depending on the type of the coat. Obviously, a longer coat will need more attention than a shorter one, needing clipping sometimes. The coat and teeth should be kept as clean as possible, so regularly brushing the teeth is also important.

Poogle Known Health Issues

The Poogle is not a problematic breed when it comes to health, but there are situations in which health issues are inherited from the parents. Therefore, even if there are no know conditions specific to the Poogle, given the hereditary possibility it is recommended to look into the health problems of the parent breeds. They do have a tendency to eat a lot, so obesity is the most likely condition these dogs are exposed to, if not cared for with exercising and a proper diet.

Poogle Training

Obedience training is no match for the Poogles, they will always be excellent when it comes to that. Their intelligence allows them to learn things just by observing them in the surrounding environments and this is a huge advantage when the training of a dog is considered. Thus, they will enjoy both learning and displaying new tricks all the time. But the advantage provided by the intelligence is not enough, a proper socialization needs to be provided along the way as well.

Poogle Exercising

The active nature of a Poogle makes this dog lust for regular exercising, so even if they do well and enjoy living indoors, they also need the outdoors sessions in which they can run and play with the people they love. They will be more than satisfied if taken to dog parks. So walks and playtime should always be on their list of activities.

Poogle Official Recognition

The Poogles’ presence in the records of the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Canine Registry, Designer Dogs Kennel Club and Designer Breed Registry show they are officially recognized by these entities.

The Beagle

One of the Poogle’s parents, the Beagle, is one of the most popular breeds around the world. Gentle in nature, these dogs are very cute and they get along tremendously with children and other dogs. Although they are energetic and active, Beagles are not hyper-active, which makes them manageable in home environments. They have a very keen sense of smell, so once they have something on their radar, they are very hard to be distracted. This can be a hindering factor during training, as a lot of scents around them that may attract their attention and not focus on the training activities.

The Poodle

There are several varieties of Poodles depending on the size and these are the Miniature, the Toy and the Standard varieties. The Miniature one has a weight of up to 8 kilos and a height of up to 38 centimeters; the Toy weighs about 4 kilos and has a height of up to 26 centimeters, while the Standard Poodle weighs up to 32 kilos and measures in height over 38 centimeters. Intelligent dogs, they also like to please their people and these ensure their outstanding performance in obedience training.

Housebreaking is not a difficult task with a Poodle. Loyalty and devotion are driving their behavior and make them excellent companions for people, while also asking for and offering affection at the same time. Their calm, friendly nature allows them to get along well with people of all ages, but the Toy and Miniature Poodles are less recommended for younger children, as they may get hurt unintentionally, due to their smaller sizes. It’s best to avoid leaving Poodles alone for longer periods of time, as they suffer.

Poodles are known to be very low shedders, especially to their extremely dense coat, which is most often curly. This also requires regular grooming, at least once every two months, in order to prevent the occurrence of tangles and mats. Some people prefer to have their coats kept at lower lengths, so it can be easier groomed. A variety of colors is available for Poodles, from gray, black and white to blue, cream, apricot, brown and silver. Although there are no totally hypoallergenic dogs, Poodles are definitely among the most hypoallergenic breeds and will be appreciated by people having such issues.

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