Pugapoo, Pug and Poodle Mix

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Pugapoo-DogPeople search in Pugapoos what usually people want in dogs, which is a devoted friend, a trainable, adorable and sociable pet. Although one couldn’t argue with the fact that the Poodle and the Pug don’t actually resemble in look, there’s no doubt that they have quite a few things in common, probably the most important being their desire to amuse their owners.

Being a crosbreed, the Pugapoo may act like a present, without knowing what’s in it before unwrapping it. Similarly, the Pugapoo can be, as many people want, a combination of the best traits in the parent breed, but also a combination of less desired characteristics, due to the unforeseeable way in which genes work. They are above the breeders’ control so one should be skeptical when presented this crossbreed as a guaranteed healthier dog than purebreds.

The looks of a Pugapoo puppy vary quite a lot, sometimes even between litter mates. While in some cases they look exactly like one of the parents, in others they have almost nothing in common. And it is not only the looks (including coat, weight, size, and color) that can vary a lot, but also the temperament, personality, health risks and level of activity required. Consequently, we can say that they are not at all consistent in characteristics, with the weight also varying between 4 and 14 kilograms.

Both parent breeds manifest affection and attachment towards children, therefore the Pugapoo also inherits this trait and thus being suitable for a being a family pet. With an absolute need for indoor living, given their rather small sizes, they require to be protected from rough contact when playing or when they are petted. They also get along pretty well with other pets (even cats), but they can be the barking type if the Poodle heritage is dominant.

Pugapoos are easily adaptable to almost any lifestyle, as they require no more than a moderate level of activity. They do, however, need daily walks and playtime and can play the role of good athletes if one considers enrolling their Pugapoo in rally, agility, obedience and fly-ball contests.

The parent breeds of this dog are both endowed with intelligence and are quick learners, but there is a chance of passing on stubbornness, especially if the Pug genes are dominant. The training of the Pugapoos should be always combined with positive reinforcements, as this will ensure the dog is a decent, lovely companion. The Pugapoos react much better to train when they receive praises, rewards and playtime.


Sociable dogs, the Pugapoo are designed for indoor living, in the presence of people whom they so much enjoy. Their moderate need for activities makes them suitable for almost any lifestyle, although they can also be sporty. While the coat type and color can vary, form straight to curly, the Pug’s high level of shedding can happen to be passed on to the Pugapoo or not. It can be the same with the snoring, also coming from the Pug side.

Their reduced size recommends them more for being in the presence of older children, who are able to be more careful with the way they are treating and playing with them.

Personality of a Pugapoo

Black-Pugapoo-Mixed-BreedIt’s difficult to predict how the personality of this crossbreed dog will turn out to be. Although there are good chances that the Pugapoos will be friendly, sociable and very affectionate, even with other pets, they could also inherit the barking behavior belonging to the Poodle.

Behavior is part inherited, part formed. It’s best not to choose a puppy whose parents manifest a type of extreme behavior, such as bossy or aggressive on the one hand and shy on the other, but rather the moderate tempered. The rest of the personality will be built around this heritage and a good level of socialization and affection provided to the puppies even from when they are very little, can reinforce a positive temperament. They are very receptive to everything around them in the first four months of life, so this is the best period to teach them to be friendly and take them even to kindergartens for puppies. At the same time, make sure you expose the puppies to situations that help them develop self confidence.

Coats and Colors

The Pugapoos usually come with either short haired or curly coats, depending on what parent’s genes they inherit, with a moderate at most level of shedding. Even if most of the times they come in solid colors, there are cases in which the Pugapoos inherit black markings on the face or only around the eyes, betraying the Pug side genes.


Pug-Poodle-MixAlthough affectionate and people loving, the Pogapoos are unlikely to develop separation anxiety. Care and human presence are required, as failing to provide these will probably turn this dog to slightly destructive behavior, as a result of a predisposition to boredom. The Pogapoos get along very well with children and are an interactive presence around them, but, being smaller sized dogs, it’s highly recommended to be supervised in the case of smaller children, who may hurt them in an over-enthusiastic impulse.


Generally, the Pugapoos with longer, denser coat will be less exposed to shedding, while the ones with shorter coat will have a higher shedding level. Weekly bathing and brushing, even twice per week, should do the trick. However, please note that overdoing these actions can lead to dry coat and skin.

Training and Activities

There is a need for training in order to keep a good level for all the energy, agility and intelligence the Pugapoos have. They can be excellent athletes and can perform well in shows and contests. Even if they can be stubborn at times, as part of their Pug heritage, this can be dealt with using gentle, but firm means.

The high level of energy of a Pugapoo can be easily directed into daily activities, which they really need, being easy prey for boredom. The activities will keep them focused and will help them burn all this energy. Feeding should be carried out in smaller meals.

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