When Do Puppies Ears Stand Up

Wondering when do puppies ears stand up? You’ve come to the right place, and we’re going to try and give you a bit of guidance and knowledge, to help you understand whether the ears of your puppy will stand out or now. First of all, find out if your dog breed is the type to … Read more

Miniature Labradoodle vs Miniature Goldendoodle

Today, we’re looking at a Miniature Labradoodle vs Miniature Goldendoodle comparison. We’ve done the same before, for the regular-sized Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle, and now it’s time we check out the smaller versions of these mixed breeds. The comparison will focus on things that the two breeds have in common, those that are different, but also … Read more

Best Dog Beds for 2019

You know how they say that you spend one-third of your life sleeping? Well, a dog probably spends even more time on this pleasurable activity, or so it seems at least. It’s important for them to be comfortable and for their beds to be of high quality, allowing them to get a good rest. Below, … Read more

Golden Retriever Puppies Going For a Swim

Golden Retriever puppies are notoriously cute, one of the many reasons why this breed is such a popular one. They’re also attracted to water, due to their heritage and their hunting past. They’re great retrievers for duck hunters, and so it’s no surprise that these little pups would enjoy water so much. As you can … Read more

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